Cubedock Modular System

Made in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for multiple use.

cubedock floating system
Cubedock Floating Modular System consists of small modules in HDPE: 50x50x40cm or 100x50x40cm, blu or beige (standard colors) and ready to be placed into water.

Cubedock can be used for a large range of applications:
- Floating docks from shore to open sea, with waves conditions too.
- Floating platforms to relax and sunbathing.
- Floating platforms for special works or machines.
- In watersheds for suction pumps.
- As floating platforms to substain scaffolds.
- To combine with other our floating systems to create a floating system for mooring boats.


Cubedock System

Site: open seas with waves or fresh waters

cubedock floating modular system for sea

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Rotodock System

Site: fresh waters, lakes and marinas

rotodock floating modular system

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Jet Ski Platform

Rotoport: Hauling Floating System for Jet ski

rotoport jet ski platform floating modular system

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Hauling System

Boat Lift: Hauling Floating System for Boat

boat lift floating modular system for boat 10 m

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