Floating Modular System

Made in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for multiple use.

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Welcome to Floating Modular docks' web site, a Piemme srls Italian Company web site dedicated to floating system for various use. We are real professionals working in floating docks industry for over 12 years. We can do supply but also making installations "keys in hand".

All our floating systems are made in polyethylene High density (HDPE) guarantee for strength and long durability in time.

You can adapt our floating docks for many different applications: Directly from shore to open seawith waves too, to realize floating pontoons or floating platforms, in lakes or fresh waters to realize floating platoform for restaurants or sunbathing or diving, real piers for mooring boats in marinas, floating platforms for special works on water such as in shipyard or techical jobs in artificial basins....

Your imagination is the only limit to our modular floating systems ...


Cubedock System

Site: open seas with waves or fresh waters

cubedock floating modular system for sea

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Rotodock System

Site: fresh waters, lakes and marinas

rotodock floating modular system

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Jet Ski Platform

Rotoport: Hauling Floating System for Jet ski

rotoport jet ski platform floating modular system

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Hauling System

Boat Lift: Hauling Floating System for Boat

boat lift floating modular system for boat 10 m

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